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5x5 Embed Maker Bath Bomb Mold

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Embed maker bath bomb mold. 3D printed, lets you make 25 embeds of half inch sized embeds
in ONE batch 3 Piece Mold Set. Includes 1 top, 1 bottom and 1 sleeve/cylinder.


Mold Size of 5x5 = makes 25 embeds at 0.5โ€ * 0.5โ€ approx.

The thickness and weight of each embed will vary depending on how much mixture you use.

instead of ice trays, there is a better way to do this, we created this tool to help my bath bomb production, hopefully, it can help you too!

All my molds are printed in high-quality PLA+, ensuring robust bath bomb molds.

The mold contains 3 pieces: Base, Sleeve, and Plunger. The Colour may vary, but I usually print it black.

Place sleeve on base. Add your embed mixture. Place the top inside the sleeve, and then simply press down hard and unmold.


I use top-grade PLA PRO+ for our molds. I take the pro over the regular one WITHOUT additional charges so you can enjoy the best quality molds. Colors vary based on our filament supply and choice, though we generally use black. All mold designs are tested with different bath bomb recipes before being listed, and each mold is inspected before shipping it out.


The PLA is heat-sensitive. So all cleaning must be done using cold water, and never in the dishwasher. Store the molds indoors and never in a hot shed or car as it can cause the molds to warp. In addition, make sure not to soak them as the molds can hold water between the PLA fibers.


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Jenn Paucek
This product is exactly what it's said to...

This product is exactly what it's said to be. Seller was fantastic and very fast delivery

Tara Durgan
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This review has no content.

Pacific Natural West Paucek
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Jennifer Romaguera
Very good product and seller ๐Ÿ˜

Very good product and seller ๐Ÿ˜